3 More Tips on How to Lose Weight and Tone Up

So yesterday we talked about 4 tips on how to lose weight.  Today, we will explore 3 additional tips on how to lose weight so that you have an arsenal going forward.  So, let’s get started and knock these out.

I really like these strategies on how to lose weight

how to lose weight

1. B Vitamins: These include B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), and B12 (cobalamin).  Confusing, I know.  Just know that each is essential for overall health.  However, they are even more important when you’re trying to grow muscle and get stronger. B Vitamins play a role in everything from protein metabolism and energy production to maintaining healthy nerves and breaking down fat and carbs.

How much? This is a tricky one, as most people consume enough B through their diets, which are found in whole grains, eggs, lean meats, legumes, nuts, leafy greens, and fortified cereals.  And even so, if you’re trying to build muscle, you may still need an additional amount.

However, B12 is only found in animal sources, so vegetarians and vegans may want to consider taking a supplement.

2. Vitamin D: It seems no matter where you turn these days, everyone is touting the powers of the “sunshine” vitamin. And with good reason – its list of benefits includes boosting mood, immunity, and muscle. Vitamin D is required for muscular contraction, function, and growth.   This in turn is a great way of how to lose weight, since your increase in muscle will help burn fat more quickly.

And if you’re trying to tone up or build muscle, you want to be sure not to avoid this supplement.  It is essential for bone growth and strength, and since skeletal muscles need a strong base to build off of, you can’t neglect your D.

How much? The best way is to get some through the actual sun (yes, this means putting the remote down and actually walking outside). However, the alternative is to take a supplement of 4,000 to 6,000 (IU) of D3 every day.  If you’re not sure if you’re deficient or have questions, you can have you do a blood test to measure you D levels.

Awww, only one more way on how to lose weight?

how to lose weight

3. Vitamin E: A handful of almonds is a great way to get some Vitamin E.  If you grab some after a workout, it will provide you with protein, healthy fats, and fiber. This antioxidant helps cell membranes recover from stress, such as exercise.  And the faster your muscles recover, the faster they’ll grow.  And the faster it’ll help with how to lose weight.

How much? Don’t go overboard with this one.  A dose above 300 mg daily may lead to nausea, stomach pain, weakness, or even death! If you have any issues, simply stick closer to the recommended 15 mg a day.  Or even better yet, but eat the nuts and seeds.

So there you have it, 2 days and 7 ways of how to lose weight, tone up and get some great vitamins and minerals into your body.  In addition, they are helpful in building muscle and keeping your body strong!

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Eric Moldenhauer

“Punching Fat in the Gut!”

Eric Moldenhauer

4 Tips on How to Lose Weight and Tone Up

Keeping with the trend of how to lose weight with the year coming to a close, here are 4 tips that you can use to get you started.  But before we do, there a few things that you need to be aware of.

I know How to Lose Weight!  Just reduce calories, right?

how to lose weight

First of all, calories aren’t the only things that count when it comes to a smoking body!  If you aren’t eating the right nutrients and minerals, you aren’t going to slim down or build those strong, sexy muscles.

See, every time you put your body through a workout, you’re actually breaking down your muscles, causing small tears in the fibers. When you’re resting, your body rebuilds your muscles.  But in order do so, they need the proper fuel, or minerals and vitamins. Follow the pros’ recommendations and you’ll see how to lose weight and feel a difference.

1. Vitamin C: Adding Vitamin C to your plate may help you add definition to your arms. Vitamin C, which is found in all fruits and vegetables, support the muscles’ needs for oxygen and nutrients.  And the more you have in your muscles, the better they can work and the quicker they recover. In addition, Vitamin C is a building block of collagen, a material that your body then uses to build bones and muscles.
How much? The National Institutes of Health recommends 75 mg daily, which you can get from a medium orange, half a red bell pepper, or a cup of strawberries.

2. Fish oil: This is one of my favorites.  Fish oil has the ability to enhance the effects of weight training by increasing blood flow to the muscles.  This, in turn, reduces muscle protein breakdown and decreases inflammation.  This leads to a faster recovery.  This omega 3 fatty acid is a sort of secret weapon for toning up. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids also improve insulin sensitivity, which helps aid in the prevention of diabetes.

How much? The American Heart Association recommends eating two 3.5-ounce servings of fatty fish (such as salmon, mackerel, herring, lake trout, sardines, or albacore tuna) each week. If fish isn’t your things, try 1,000- to 3,000-milligram (mg) supplement of DHA and EPA daily.

For those that are vegetarians and vegans, look for flax seed, chia seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, and algae-based supplements.  This supplement offers so many ways that answer the question of how to lose weight and tone up!

So that’s how to lose weight!  Any more?

how to lose weight

3. Calcium: Calcium is one of the two most important nutrients our body needs for healthy and strong bones and muscles. For every time you lift a dumbbell, this mineral gives muscles the cue to contract and grow.

How much? It is recommended to consume 1,200 mg a day. You can get your daily dose through dairy products, green veggies, or a supplement. If you do decide on a pill, choose one with D, which your body needs to absorb calcium. Shoot for on with 500 to 600 mg of calcium for each pill, as your body can only take in that much at one time.

4. Magnesium: Most women don’t get enough of this mineral, which is not good, as it keeps things running smoothly when it comes to your muscles.  In particular, it ensures that your heart is thumping at a steady beat.  In addition, it helps alleviate muscle cramps and soreness, whether you’re achy from weight lifting or PMS.

How much? The National Institutes of Health recommends 310 to 320 mg a day.  However, there is no harm increasing your intake to 400 mg, especially if you are lifting weights a couple times a week. Great ways to get magnesium is in spinach, nuts, legumes, and whole grains.

Wow, I didn’t know those things could help  with how to lose weight

Just remember that no matter what we put into our body will help determine the ways on how to lose weight.  However, if you start adding in the nutrients and minerals listed above, this will give you a head start on toning up.  Tomorrow, we’ll talk about a few more things that you can do, so stay tuned.

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Eric Moldenhauer

“Punching Fat in the Gut!”

Eric Moldenhauer

Want to Know How to Lose Weight? Here are 5 More Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Part 2 of How to Lose Weight.  In part 1, we covered 6 ways to rev up your metabolism and kick start your weight loss.  Today, I am going to provide 5 additional ways.

How to Lose Weight, part 2

how to lose weight

1. Carb Consumption

Stay away from processed, high sugar, junk food.  Stick to protein, which increases metabolism by 30 percent for up to 12 hours. Unlike most carbs, which only increase metabolism by 4 percent for less than one hour.

Also, be sure to add fiber, as it binds with metabolized fat and removes it from the body.

2. Detox Your Body

A detox done a few times a year is an effective way to clear toxins out of your system.  By doing this, you speed up metabolism and enhance overall health.

Just be careful and don’t do any extreme detox diets, as they can can do more harm than good.

3. Drink, then Drink Some More

Water really does a body good. If you want to know how to lose weight, this may be one of the best ways.  We should be drinking lots of water and other healthy, low-calories drinks, such as tea.  If your body is dehydrated, it will slow its metabolism and increase hunger and sluggishness.

You can also substitute your sugar-filled soft drink with soda water that has no flavor.

A few more ways to show you how to lose weight

how to lose weight

4. Drink Water With Lemon

Every morning, drink a tall glass of lukewarm water with a half or whole lemon squeezed into it.  You can also add some fiber as well.

The digestive enzymes in the lemon, plus the fiber, will get your metabolism and digestive system moving so you are easily digesting anything you eat later that day.  And better digestion = better metabolism = how to lose weight.

5. Eat Smaller Meals

If you haven’t heard it before, you’re gonna hear it now!  Eating smaller meals more often throughout the day will help you increase your metabolism as well as increase your fat-burning ability.

Try to consume at least three to four meals a day instead of only one to two times.  This will keep your metabolism going and make you feel less sluggish, like after a big meal.

So there are 5 more ways on How to Lose Weight and keep your metabolism going strong.

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Eric Moldenhauer

“Punching Fat in the Gut!”

Eric Moldenhauer

Want to Know How to Lose Weight? Here are 6 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Now that the holidays are coming to a close, I’ve been getting more questions on How to Lose Weight!  Well, let’s give your body a kick start and really get it going…

Here are 6 ways to rev up your metabolism and help answer the question of how to lose weight.

I just wanna know How to Lose Weight!

1. Proteins

Protein has a high thermic effect, which will help your body burn more calories. And when it comes to protein, include a lean protein source in every meal.  Protein will help you feel fuller longer and will reduce your craving to chow down on some fast-burning carbs.

Your best bet is to eat five to six mini meals per day and include a lean protein source such as beans, chicken, fish or peanut butter with every meal.  If you’re not able to do this, you can also grab some beef jerky as a substitute for a snack.

how to lose weight

2. Green Tea

Green tea is king when you want to know how to lose weight.  Stay away from soda, alcohol, and calorie-laden beverages.  They will leave you feeling bloated and fatigued, as well as adding unnecessary calories.

Drinking brewed green tea is an effective way to get EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), an ingredient known to speed up metabolism. Adding 3 cups of green tea a day can help increase metabolism by up to 10 percent.

3. EGCG Other Ways

If you’ve tried to like green tea and it’s just not your thing, there are other ways. As much as a few cups are day are helpful, an adequate amount to achieve really good results would require about six to 10 cups per day.

So another way to get your daily amount is to take a couple of green tea capsules per day. Be sure to look for supplements that contain at least 70 percent EGCG.

4. Workout

If you want to know how to lose weight, this is probably one of the BEST things that you can do.  And don’t be intimidated, everyone there started somewhere.  The main thing is that you go.  This will help to establish healthy fitness habits.

The consistency in an exercise program will help you lose weight and stay on a healthy path going forward.

Great ideas on how to lose weight, give me more…

how to lose weight

5. Salmon

Salmon is an Omega-3 powerhouse full of protein and healthy fats.  Salmon is also great for burning fat and it will help to make your metabolism more effective by slowing digestion and preventing cravings.

Many people tend to avoid salmon because they think it is a fatty fish, which it is.  But its these healthy fats that our body needs.

6. Olive Oil

Many still don’t believe it, but if you want to know how to lose weight, some oil is good for weight loss.  Because olive oil is a healthy fat, it will “turn on” your metabolism and help you burn more body fat.

To get more of it, add a little to your salad, saute vegetables in it and if you have a small piece of bread, use olive oil instead of butter.

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Eric Moldenhauer

“Punching Fat in the Gut!”

Eric Moldenhauer

Many are NOT Eating Healthy Foods – 10 More ways to get your Fruits and Vegetables

So the other day we talked about Eating Healthy Foods and how to add fruits and vegetables into your diet.  Today, we will talk about 10 more ways to do that.  Never forget the importance of doing so or have the attitude that you you’re too cool to eat them.  Especially if you haven’t tried them in a while, give it another shot.  I know I didn’t like asparagus at one point, but now I love it.

Alright, I know eating healthy foods are necessary

healthy foods

• Make substitutions. When you first walk into the grocery store, head straight to the fresh produce section.  This is where the whole, unprocessed food will be located.   If you can’t get your hands on the real thing, opt for some sugar-free applesauce, canned fruit packed in 100 percent juice, or fruit preserves with low sugar.

– And although eating healthy foods like this are better for you than the processed stuff, be sure to check the calorie, sugar, and sodium content of these foods. For more healthy foods, you can use check out books to guide you along the way.  They will give you ideas of ways of eating healthy foods.

• Be smooth.Whether it’s strawberry, banana, blueberry, or even a veggie mix, smoothies are an easy way to drink up your fruit and veggie servings.  However, just make sure you’re keeping track of how much fruit you use, as even though they are good for you, the do still contain sugar and you don’t want too much at once.  Make a true small one.

• Add them to entrées. You can probably find plenty of opportunities to add veggies into recipes you already make, such as adding adding veggies pasta dish or stuffing chicken or fish with spinach and your favorite spices.

• Salsa. Snack on fresh salsa or add it to recipe. You decide what you want to put in it to make it your own.

Eating Healthy Foods is easier than I thought

healthy foods

• Grill ’em. Indoors or outdoors, slice up a pineapple, peach, eggplant, or zucchini, and grill ’em! If you’ve never had grilled fruits or vegetables, you’ll love them.

• Buy fresh. At every opportunity, I would buy fresh fruits and vegetables.  However, eat them within a few days while they’re at their best.

• Try dried. Eating fresh fruits is still the best, but you can enjoy a small amount of dried fruit as a snack and get almost as many vitamins and minerals as are in the fresh kind. Again, keep track of the portion size, because most times it’s only a quarter cup. And when you’re eating healthy foods like this, a quarter cup is likely a serving.

• Buy them prepackaged. Many people don’t want the hassle of cleaning veggies or even fruits, but if it’s the hassle of preparation that’s holding you back from eating your veggies, buy them pre-chopped, pre-peeled, or in pre-made salads.

So eating fruits and veggies are eating healthy foods as it was intended…

• Try an appetizer. Instead of the deep-fried cheese, try a side salad instead (I know, boooo). It will help you fill up on vegetables, which in turn will give you less room for the extra fat and calories in the main course. And if you get a big portion, automatically split in in half and bring home the extra to enjoy at another meal.

• Buy them frozen. Fruits and vegetables have just as much nutrition when they’re as they do when they’re fresh. Keep a few bags in your freezer so they are always available to dine on.

So, eating healthy foods such as fruits and veggies are not as hard to get into your diets as you thought.  In the last 2 days, we gave you 21 ways to add more of them. Follow at least a few that work best for you and you’ll see how easy it is.

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Eric Moldenhauer

“Punching Fat in the Gut!”

Eric Moldenhauer

Many are NOT Eating Healthy Foods – 11 Easy ways to get your Fruits and Vegetables

Are you Eating Healthy Foods?  A new poll shows that Americans’ diets are getting worse and this isn’t surprising with all the fast food and choices out there. And unfortunately, fruits and vegetables are not a big part of it.  But if you make a few changes, and you can fill up on fruits and vegetables every day without even trying.

A recent Gallup poll found that only 55.9 percent of Americans are eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables at least four days out of the week. Last year, the same poll showed that 57.8 percent of Americans were getting these servings.  Bad news that appears to keep getting worse.

Our go-go-go lifestyle doesn’t exactly allow for a stroll through the farmer’s market during lunch break (if you can find one).  Any many times that also caries into not eating fresh green salad for dinner.  And if you’re not doing it, your children probably aren’t either.

I really don’t know how to go about eating healthy foods…

healthy foods

Here are 11 easy ways you can fit fruits and veggies into your everyday menu and start eating healthy foods:

• Keep them visible. Keep them in a bowl on the kitchen counter.  If you see them, you’ll be much more likely to reach for a piece of fruit, rather dive into the bag of chips in the pantry.

• Fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. You’re going to eat anyway and you have to go to the grocery store to buy the food, so no excuses.  Make it a habit, and you’ll be well on your way to getting one to two servings in a single sitting.

• Eat them whole. The peels of most fruits and vegetables contain fiber, which many Americans are lacking in their diets. Eat them skin and all and you’ll be getting extra benefits. (Not recommended for bananas, oranges or pineapples.)

• Make them more exciting. Stir fry veggies with olive oil and add your favorite spices. You can also dip them in your favorite dressing, hummus, or low-fat dip.  Stay away from the full-fat stuff or “cheese” products

• Buy them small. The invention of baby carrots is awesome.  Throw those or grapes into a bag and take them with you for an easy snack on the go. Not only do the tiny versions of most vegetables actually tend to be sweeter and have more flavor, but they are a great way to curb hunger without adding a lot of calories.

Great tips on eating healthy foods, here are some more:

healthy foods

• Eat them away from the table. Eating your fruits and veggies away from the table can make them seem less like a requirement and more like a snack. Again, grab those grapes, carrots or apple handy so you’ll have something to munch on while you’re doing your daily life activities.

• Have a shopping spree. When fresh fruits and veggies are in season, you’re more likely to purchase them. To stock up, hit a local farmer’s market and buy as much of your food as you can.  This is honestly one of my top ways of eating healthy foods that I use.

Eat your (vegetable) soup. Soup is a great way to get your vegetables. There are tops of soup recipes, so give a new one a shot or just throw as many veggies as you can into a pot with some broth and simmer until ready.

Eat muffins and breads. Sparingly, but if you’re going make some (especially for the holidays), grate some carrots or scoop dried cranberries or raisins into your next batch of baked goods.

Any final tips for eating healthy foods?

Yes, here are two things that we all should be doing.  Remember, knowledge is king.

• Do your homework.Knowing the benefits of a fruit or vegetable will actually make you more inclined to eat it. If you’re not sure where to look or need a refresher, visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) website to get up to speed.

• Cook meals at home. Cooking at home more often gives you the option to use healthier ingredients.  It will also save you money, which you can use to buy more fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies.

So there you have 11 easy ways to eat more fruits and vegetables and start your path to eating healthy foods throughout the day.

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Eric Moldenhauer

“Punching Fat in the Gut!”

Eric Moldenhauer

1 Simple Trick to Add into Your Fitness Marketing Plan

Fitness Marketing seems to be a mystery to some.  Often, I ask others – “How’s your Business doing?”  I either get those who are super excited to tell me all about the great things that are working for them, or they shy away from the subject.  Guess which one I enjoy talking to the most?  The first one, actually.  Why?  Because I know there are things that I can do to help them, and that’s what’s important to me.

Fitness Marketing is NO mystery to me

Every once in a while I do like to give out Fitness Marketing advice, but that’s not what I’m about.  I am a fitness professional and my role is to get people into shape. However, I also like to see others get the fitness business into shape when it is lagging.  So with that in mind, I am going to share with you something that’s working for me at the moment.

It’s no surprise that having referrals is a great way to generate business, but have you ever thought about a Referrals Contest? If not, pay attention.

Here’s the deal: For every person that a client brings to the class, they get a point.  If that person signs up, the client gets a bonus point.  This may seem very basic, but it is very effective.  The reason being is that the client doesn’t have the pressure of wondering whether or not their person will sign up.  All they have to do is bring them to get the point.  

fitness marketing

This all starts with an email for your existing clients.  If you’re doing fitness marketing, you need to have an email list.  (Btw, if you don’t have an email system, click here to sign up for one).

So here is the email that I send out.  Feel free to modify as needed.

Isn’t in it great to see that the (season) is giving us all that we expect out of it? Let’s just hope it holds out and brings us another great season..

Anyways, it’s great to see that you are crushing it at (your business name here).  Now I try not to be biased but I think it’s totally awesome how far you’ve come.  The reasons: 1. I’m a great instructor (less important) and 2. you rock (more important). I love training you all and I always look forward to seeing you guys at (wherever you meet).

Referrals Competition

6 weeks – immediate start – end date (6 weeks from when you start).


Neato Fitness Marketing Idea, huh?

fitness marketing

The rules are very simple:

1.       For every person you bring (they don’t have to sign up) you will receive a point.  If they do decided to sign up, you will receive an extra bonus point.

2.       All prizes are activated only when (# of clients) different people have attended the class. 

Easy enough, right?  Ok, let’s get you some prizes!

1st prize: ($ amount) cash, 1 month’s free membership,  (find a cool fitness book), and (a few snacks or protein shake)

 2nd prize: ($ amount), 1 month’s free membership, (snacks or protein shake)

 3rd prize: a HUGE thank you and a (snack or protein shake)

The reason I am doing this is the raise the caliber of (you business here). because I know it can be great. I would really appreciate your help with this so please try and spread the word and bring anybody who you think would be suitable.


Simple but effective Fitness Marketing

So that’s 1 easy way you can get some new clients and really start bringing in some new juice to your business.  One other little fitness marketing idea that you may also want to add into your email is to give them some places that they can get referrals.  Many times, people just draw a blank on where to find people.  This should help:

  •       Schools & colleges
  •       Facebook or any media you work with
  •       Flyers
  •       Work – create a “fit day” and bring them all to a session
  •       Family and friends
  •       Networking

Hopefully this has given you another arsenal to help with your fitness marketing.   Things like these are always good, just make sure you do something different all the time.  Or, if you are going to repeats something, make sure you wait at least 6 months before doing it again.

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Eric Moldenhauer

“Punching Fat in the Gut!”

Eric Moldenhauer

Avoid the Yo-Yo Diet by Eating Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods consistently can help you avoid the yo-yo diet.  There are a number of people who have probably been dieting most of their adult lives.  According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, there is evidence that shows that there may be a physiologic reason why diets are not the answer, especially for obese people.


So what do healthy foods have to do with anything?

healthy foods

The way the stomach detects and tells our brains how full we are becomes damaged in obese people.  However, even when they return to normal weight, the mechanism within their brain does not return to normal.  This could be a key reason why most people who lose weight on a diet eventually backslide.

So how do we change this?  A good place to start is by eating healthy foods as part of everyday life and NOT dieting. Unfortunately, results show that the nerves in the stomach that signal fullness to the brain appear to become desensitized after long-term consumption of a high-fat diet.  So eating healthy foods is a great way to eat going forward, as the nerves may not be able to signal you when you’re full.

To break it down further:  Since the stomach’s nerve response does not return to normal upon return to a normal diet, you tend to eat more food before you feel as full as a healthy person.  This helps explain why the yo-yo diet continues for many.

Leptin, a hormone in the body, is known to regulate food intake.  It can also affect the sensitivity of the nerves in the stomach that signal fullness.  Under normal conditions, leptins role is to signal us to stop food intake.  However, in the stomach of someone who is obsese due to a high-fat diet, leptin may further desensitize the nerves that detect fullness.


So eating healthy foods going forward my help the yo-yo diet?

healthy foods

Well, based on the above information, it would appear that obese people need to eat more to feel full, which in turn continues their cycle of obesity.  And the diet usually goes back to the same high-fat diet that was present before.  So if we can start by adding healthy foods back into the diet, even if the amount of food is higher, it will slowly reduce the caloric intake.

Now much of this is still a strong theory and research has not yet shown if this is a temporary or permanent condition.  On average, only about 5% of people on diets are able to maintain their weight loss.  For the rest, most who’ve been on a diet put all of that weight back on within two years.  

No doubt there will be more research needed to determine how long the effect lasts and if there there is any way, chemical or otherwise, to trick the stomach into resetting itself to normal.

One thing that is known for sure though, is that eating healthy foods is a great way to start reconditioning your body to not crave a high-fat diet.  Eventually, your body will naturally adjust to this new intake of food and will start to make changes simply based on the type of food you are putting into your body.

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Eric Moldenhauer

“Punching Fat in the Gut!”

Eric Moldenhauer

Kettlebell Workouts Gone Wild!

Kettlebell Workouts Gone Wild!  I’ve been asked before why I torture myself with these routines.  Well, I love the feeling of achievement I feel when I complete it.  With that in mind, Adrenaline was the name given to the following kettlebell workout.  It was put together to test my fitness, as well as test my willingness to succeed.

And now it is your turn to see if you can succeed and take out part 1 of these kettlebell workouts!

These kettlebell workouts need a shot of Adrenaline

The following program is going to consist of roughly 60 minutes, 6 exercises and 6 rounds.  Believe me, these kettlebell workouts will push you, but in the end, you’ll love the feeling and the energy you’ll feel inside.

kettlebell workouts

Time: 60 minutes, give or take a few minutes


1. Kettlebell Swings

2. Burpees into jumping jacks

3. Medicine Ball Slams

4. Mountain Climbers

5. K- Bell squat and press

6. High Knees

Total number of repetitions = 1000


A method to the madness in these kettlebell workouts

kettlebell workouts

Alright, here we go with the workout…ready?  

Round one: perform 75 reps of the first 6 exercises

Round two: perform 50 reps of the first 5 exercises

Round three: perform 40 reps of the first 4 exercises

Round four: perform 30 reps of the first 3 exercises

Round five: perform 20 reps of the first 2 exercises

Round six: perform 10 reps of the first exercise

To be honest, I don’t know if  the name Adrenaline does justice to these kettlebell workouts, but please give it a try and let others know what you think.


Kettlebell workouts to the extreme

In Conclusion: Your normal workout routine may be working just fine, but it OK to smash your expectations every so often.  What I would do is take these kettlebell workouts and incorporate them into your routine about once every two weeks.  You can also use this as a fitness test to see if you can beat your previous times.

So go ahead and give it a try.  If you feel like its to much to take on right now, you can start by cutting the reps in half and work your way up until you are able to complete the whole routine. 

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Eric Moldenhauer

“Punching Fat in the Gut!”

Eric Moldenhauer

How to Lose Weight during the Holidays in 3 steps

How to lose weight during the holidays?  Most people are happy by just not gaining weight.  Well, I say bring it on!  For many this is the time of  high-calorie foods and drinks.  And if that is how you’ve approached this magical time of year, you’re not alone.

Most people lose sight of their fitness and fat loss goals entirely this month, only to have a rude awakening when their clothes are snug come January.  And then they struggle on how to lose weight once the holidays are over.

Ok smarty, tell me how to lose weight during the holidays!

If you really want to dropkick those holiday pounds, stick with these 3 steps:

how to lose weight

Step #1: Re-Focus

The main focus in many of our holiday traditions is food.  Cakes, cookies, sweets, etc.  So this holiday season re-focus your attention away from food.  Focus on what’s really important, which are your friends & family. Stay focused on the reason for the holidays instead of the plate full of sweets in front of you. It’s ok to sample some, but don’t go overboard.

What a lot of people do during the time is lose sight of their dieting goals. The last thing you want to do is undo all of the progress that you’ve made leading up to the holidays. The holidays can be a time of emotional eating for many and many use that as an excuse.  This can also lead to stress, family conflict and depression.  If this happens, try to address the root of your problems with solutions other than food or drink.

Your body will thank you for it and you won’t be wondering how to lose weight if yo focus during this time.

Step #2: Strategy

This may sound a little crazy, but you need a strategy when approaching the numerous celebrations. With so many parties and events, you’ll need to pace yourself in order to keep yourselft on track.  The most effective strategy is to not arrive at the party hungry.  Before you go, eat a small low-calorie snack to prevent overeating. If you need  some extra help, wear tight-fitting clothes!  Sounds crazy, but it works.

During the party, don’t stand right next to the food table.  And before you get a plate of food, choose wisely.  Try using a small plate instead of a large dinner plate and don’t go back for seconds!  If you feel hungry later, you can always grab another small plate and repeat the process.

And if you want to know another great strategy on how to lose weight, figure out how to get in the gym between parties.  Many people stop going and just figure they’ll start up again after the holidays.  Stick to your normal schedule and you won’t have to fight off the extra weight trying to pile up on your midsection and rear end.

Last step on how to lose weight

how to lose weight

Step #3: Moderation!

It would be foolish to think that you will deprive yourself of all the foods you love, I know I won’t be.  Plus, this would likely lead to a spurge at some point and ruins all your efforts.  However, be smart about what you choose to eat. Enjoy what others are offering, but in moderation.

Bonus Tip:  You can cut back on calories by limiting your cheeses, gravy, sauces, creams, and nuts.

I understand that some of these great foods only come around once a year, making you want to overindulge.  But instead of stuffing yourself, look at what foods are available and make smart choices. Indulge in those things you don’t normally have and leave the basic dishes for another time (eg. mashed potatoes, candy, etc.).

Don’t just eat something because it’s on the buffet.  And be be sure to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages you drink. I know they are tasty but they’re filled with empty calories.

That was some cool stuff on how to lose weight!

The holidays can be a time for joy and a time for cheer.  But follow these simple steps and you will avoid holiday weight gain.  You may even continue to lose weight – how cool would that be!  Then you’ll be the poster child for someone who can enjoy the holidays and still keep their figure.  Then you can pass along your tips on how to lose weight.

A final point I want to make is that exercise is a huge part of the equation, so remember what was stated above and stay on your current program (or start one now, not after the holidays).  Start 2014 off ahead of the game!

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